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12 Session Transformation Package

This program offers a gradual integration of fresh perspectives supported by useful tools and resources.

It consists of 12 steps, featuring weekly 50-minute sessions. While there is a loose structure, the program is highly personalized to address your unique challenges. Witness the profound impact of small changes, leading to significant transformation.

Throughout, I provide accountability checks and enthusiastic support to keep you motivated and on trach in meeting your goals.

You're worth it.

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2 Session Deep Dive Package

If you're facing a specific challenge and need guidance to create a plan for progress, our two-session program is perfect for you.

In the initial 90 minute session, we'll delve into your current situation, exploring your core values, beliefs, and motivations. You'll gain practical strategies to move forward, setting the stage for positive change. Two weeks later, our second 60 minute session will assess the impact of these strategies.

This program is designed to leave you inspired and re-energized, ready to navigate life's challenges with renewed vigor.

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